Peter just finished recording a new solo guitar album in Nashville. Titled Places In Time it is a collection of 9 fingerstyle gems played on his Franco Marino nylon string guitar. Released in April 2017, we've placed excerpts below. Also, Peter is currently composing a multi-instrumental album with guitar, keys, bass and percussion. Peter will start recording that album as soon as he finishes composing it - he is hoping for sometime this summer.

In addition to the samples below, you can find samples of his recordings on iTunes, iTunes Radio, Spotify, Pandora, SXM, Rhapsody, X-Box, Live365 and many other digital outlets. Peter has received over one-million BMI certified song broadcasts!

Om Bara (excerpt)

Green & Golden (excerpt)

Coddiwomple (excerpt)

The Magic Box (excerpt)

A Map of the World (excerpt)

One Blue Heart (excerpt)

Cinema Paradiso (excerpt)

Three English Folk Songs (excerpt)

Venezuelan Waltz (excerpt)