“Peter Janson is a gifted acoustic fingerstyle player.” ~ Dirty Linen Magazine

“Luscious tone and elegant compositional ideas... Janson is a subtle and expressive player.” ~ Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“Peter Janson's music has the substance of great jazz presented in an original and accessible style. Truly great!” ~ Steve Hunt, keyboardist (Allan Holdsworth, Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham)

“Had the audience on their feet time and time again. Superb playing and material" ~ Steve Davison, producer, Argenta Arts Acoustic Music Series

"You know, I’m very lucky, I hear A LOT of great guitar players, but your concert was among the very best that I’ve ever heard!" ~ Jennifer Martin, concert promoter, Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo CA

“Peter has set a new standard within this genre. Many promising artists come and go over, but I am sincere when I say that Peter Janson is going to be an important voice in contemporary instrumental circles.” ~ Instrumental Weekly

"One of the most enjoyable evenings I have had attending a concert, in almost 40 years – and I have been to LOTS of concerts." ~ Lee Greene, concert reviewer, Jacksonville Review, Medford OR

“Haunting, yearning, passionate… Peter Janson takes the acoustic guitar and masterfully weaves his magic spell around your heart and soul. ” ~ NewAgeJournal.com

“A rare 10+!” ~ Spirit of Change Magazine

“Peter, Your work Friday night in Chico was astounding. As an amateur musician with a music degree, I have an appreciation for what it takes, and an ear for many aspects of what's going on in the music. Especially your 2nd piece, the Metheny/Janson piece, was art in its highest form. In the middle of the piece I noticed the whole room was still except for each note. The soft passages were still crystal clear. It's the kind of thing I live for.” ~ Chris Wolf, Chico CA

Photo credit: © Eastern Woods Music Publishing